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Stop U.N. Naming Biased Investigator

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The U.N. is about to name Michael Lynk to a 6-year term as investigator of Israel's human rights record—even though he accuses Israel of "Apartheid" and is a leading figure in pro-Palestinian campaign in Canada and worldwide. He also blamed the West for the 9/11 attacks. Urge world leaders to reject this biased candidate, and to demand the U.N. appoint an impartial and objective expert—as their own rules require. UN Watch has the full report here.

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Message Recipients

Jean-Marc Ayrault - French Foreign Minister

Boris Johnson - UK Foreign Secretary

John Kerry - US Secretary of State

UNHRC President Kyonglim Choi

Federica Mogherini - EU High Representative

Frank-Walter Steinmeier - German Foreign Minister

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